Sunday morning

It is still a little windy this morning.  Not quite the gusting wind that came through here yesterday.  It is interesting to be in an old house with a strong wind.  Lots of noise.  At least the sun is out today, even if it is just above freezing.

Today is a chore day.  I’ll be heading to the workshop shortly to finish the bookshelves.  My list for today includes a walk with Susanna and the dogs, painting the new door for the workshop, and moving stuff from the workshop to the garage in preparation for structural repairs on the workshop.

The boys have gone to their mother’s house for the next couple of days (as is almost always the routine on Sunday mornings).  Will helped me go over my plans for the kitchen island I’ll build next (after I fix the barn).  Will and Ben also started writing a blog.  It’s still new, so something fun to do – it will be seen if they stick with it for longer than a week.

I think the whole family is ready for spring and warm weather.

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