Pictures from the house

Will doing homework on the patio while Targa keepswatch (earlier in the year). I had to cut myself out of the picture - I had way too goofy of a look on my face to publish it.

I finally downloaded pictures from the camera.  Last week wasn’t nice enough to do homework outside.  But the week before was.

I am making progress on the workshop – I posted about that over the weekend. It is also time to start working on the yard.  I ordered strawberry plants a couple of months ago – they arrived today.  Tonight I picked up some hay and planted 2/3 of the new plants.  I’ll pick up some more compost this week and plant the rest.  Hopefully I’ll do better with the raised beds than I did last year.  It is easy to plan too big of a garden and let the weeds take over.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the projects in progress:

Corner of the workshop - reorganized. Just don't look at the rest of the shop.
The raised beds. The middle bed will have the strawberries. Not 100% sure about the other two.

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