A crazy day of (lots of) kids

The boys taking a break on the bridge
The boys had the day off from school today. The first day of spring break for them.

It started out crazy last night. Will wanted his friend, Shane to visit this weekend. Of course, he called later in the evening, and the only time he could visit was last night (for a sleepover). He got here last night at about 8pm, and left at 7pm today.

We also had the neighbor, Justin, over for the afternoon, Ben’s friend, Anthony, and the 6 year old girl from across the street (Amanda). In all, there were 6 kids from the ages of 6 to 9 here for several hours today. It is fun to have friends over, but we all agreed that it is also nice to have them leave…

The boys (and girl) spent the day running around outside – they built two forts in the woods behind the house, went on many missions to kill zombies, skeletons, giants, and other monsters (as well as rescue missions). We built wood swords in the morning (to give a full day of playing). I did change the sway bar links in the Jeep, but gave up on the rear shocks (just too much effort to herd the cats so to speak).

So I’m pretty tired. Susanna was at work this evening – she should be home shortly – and I’m sure she will be quite exhausted as well.

So here is hoping the boys will sleep in tomorrow.

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