The workshop… almost… and lots of random chores

It feels good to have a day where you get a lot done.  It has been busy enough that it is worth making a list of things completed.  The morning was unexpectedly free when Will didn’t wake up feeling well enough to go to soccer practice (the bad night sleep on Thursday catching up with him):

  • Took fencing and an old barn sink to the Sawyer farm – returning tools I borrowed from them, and getting 4 dozen eggs.
  • Finished the new stairs to the second floor of the workshop.  Pictures to follow when I feel like going out there and taking some
  • I got rid of some antique windows, random scrap lumber and some old tractor pieces using Craigslist – and all was picked up today.
  • I removed the original stairs to the second floor of the barn.
  • The boys and I made a bonfire, and burned most of the wood from the original stairs.
  • I moved the drill press and bandsaw to the corner where the old stairs had been.
  • Lots of cleaning and organizing the workshop(but I still have a ways to go).
  • Picked up Will’s friend, Tyler, for a sleepover – they are outside playing for now.
  • Moved the water tank to the second floor.

I still have a little ways to go on the workshop, but the end is in sight.  I have to  clean up the stairs, add a handrail and a railing in the loft.  I still have some shelves to build to finish putting away all the tools – I also need to go through my tools and get rid of ones I don’t need (hello Craigslist).  After I complete the work inside, I need to install the large window on the south facing wall, and add exterior trim to all the new windows (and replace the rotted trim on the south facing wall).  But overall, the renovation has made the workshop much more usable.  All of a sudden it feels like I have nothing but space…

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