One Final Memorial Day Project

Today was the big day for workshop projects. I had the window painted and ready to go this morning.  I didn’t find time to work on the workshop yesterday, so I set aside today to install the new window.

The window is big, 4 feet by 5 feet.  This morning I cut out the appropriate studs on the south side barn wall, and added a 2×6 header to support the wall.  Then I took the big plunge, cutting the hole in the wall.  There was no turning back at that point.  I had to finish the project today or leave a big hole in the side of the barn.

It was a hot day to be working in the workshop, but I got the new window installed.  It adds a lot of light to the barn, and when open it allows a huge cross breeze.  However, I am not totally finished.  I need to add hinges and trim out the inside of the window.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the project turned out.  I made the sill from a piece of white oak I had beneath the barn.   The rest of the framing was mostly pine.  I was even able to get the trim installed and painted this evening.

The inside view of the new window

I’m not sure how it looks.  That wall of the barn is leaning a little bit; I installed the window level (so it would open/close easily).  It is pretty obvious from both sides that the window isn’t square with the wall (the un-square wall).   I think if I ever reside the workshop, I’ll try to make the window less obviously out of line with the rest of the barn.  Of course I’m at a loss on how to do that, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.   Maybe next time I should add the windows so they line up with the unlevelness of the building.

I also added a curtain inside (I had a curtain laying around).  It is a south facing window, so I want to try to minimize how much sun I get in the summer.   I love how much light it brings into the workshop.  That corner of the shop had been pretty dark.  And yes, as you can tell from the top picture, I still need to paint and trim the two top windows on that wall.

I painted the trim around the window “Concord Buff” from Sherwin-Williams.  I’m thinking about painting the house that color, and I wanted to see how it matched up with the brown (the window is painted the same color as the accent color on the house trim – “Rookwood Dark Brown”).  I don’t think the green shingles on the side are the nicest looking, but they work and residing the workshop isn’t in the plans for this summer.

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