O’Day 22 – Rewiring the Electrical System Part 1 (Battery Storage)

Measuringfor the placement of the structural support for the new battery

The original wiring on the boat was a mess.  I have ripped out most of the old wiring, and am in the process of replacing it all.  I also decided to replace the battery (I think it had one or two large batteries originally) with a small 35 Amp-Hour deep cycle AGM battery.  All the running lights and interior lights will be low-draw LEDs, so a large battery shouldn’t be needed.

The battery compartment and all the electrical switches are under the starboard settee.  I couldn’t figure out how the old batteries were originally restrained in the battery compartment.  There didn’t appear to be any place to connect a strap or any other restraining device.  So I am adding some support for the battery (with room for a second battery of the same size).  Yesterday I used epoxy and fiberglass tabs to connect three pieces of wood on the inboard side of where the batteries will sit.

Once all the epoxy has cured, I will run a 1×1 piece of wood across the inboard supports and one across the outboard supports.  The battery will sit between the supports, and I will use a strap to ensure the battery doesn’t move.

I am using fast-set hardener for the epoxy, so it should be ready for the next step this evening.

I am also working on constructing a new switch panel.  The old one had corroded to the point of not working. I have a hole cut for the panel and the piece of teak (I believe it is teak, but it doesn’t really matter) cut out.  This afternoon I will mark the cutout size on the back of the wood so I know exactly where all the hardware needs to fit.   I have the switches, fuse holders, and wire – so I should be able to finish the switch panel over the next couple of days.

I also worked on fiberglass repair on the starboard deck, alongside the cabin.  The wood decking core was wet when I bought the boat (years ago), and years ago I repaired the weak portion of the deck.  I had just never smoothed and painted the surface.  I’ll post pictures later today on that project.

Now for a quick dip in the (hopefully) not too cold pool.

Cutout under starboard settee for the electrical switch panel

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    1. Currently I just recharge the battery with a portable battery charger (the type you would use to charge your car battery). I haven’t decided if I am going to put in a better marine charger or not – I’ll see how I use the boat this summer.

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