Random Posting… (a bunch of unconnected thoughts and teaching the dog Swedish)

The girls heading to NYC - It would have been flatteringto hang out with a nice attractive group in the city - thecost would be visiting sites from "Sex and the City" -definitely not worth it.

It is sometimes nice to just let the ADHD take over….  so here is a bunch of random thoughts/updates.  So, if either of the two readers of this don’t want random, I suggest you skip this post (Susanna excepted – she gets to read all my posts, good or bad).

In addition to enjoying NYC, the girls have been helping out around the house.  This week they scrapped the trim on the front porch – the most complicated of section of exterior trim.

So… Project updates:

-Sailboat: The trailer is making progress – I need two more pieces of steel to finish repairs.  Still working on the topside repairs and making trim for the interior.

– Kitchen Island: On hold until after the summer projects.  The lumber is milled, hopefully it won’t get too warped before I get back to it.

– House Trim: Only progress on the porch mentioned above.

In addition, we are teaching Targa how to “shake” in Swedish.  The command is “Vacker Tass.”  He is doing pretty well.  We decided that Tucker is a little too slow to learn Swedish this week.

Now off to the casino to walk around a bit…

Random enough?

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