Weekend Projects (Saturday)

New drain system, almost completed...

I’m taking a weekend away from the major renovations to work on some “quick” projects.  Thankfully Susanna isn’t taking a break from the major house projects.

The morning was taken by the boys’ soccer games (they had fun, but were pretty well run over by the other teams).

This afternoon I continued troubleshooting the invisible fence. I had worked on it for a while yesterday and the day before, but couldn’t find the break. And the beagle refuses to stay in the yard without the fence. On a side note, don’t ever bring your young kids to the humane society to pick out a dog with you – but that is a story for another day.

I did get the fence working after a bit of work. Then it was off to the box store to get parts for a rainwater drain system.  I had to connect into an existing system that (I am assuming) was installed when the house was built 120 years ago. I got all the parts back home, and then promptly back to the store to get the connector that I almost got, but then figured I didn’t need.  After laying the pipe, the boys and I started filling the dirt back in the trench. A tractor would be nice right now. But I could use the exercise.

Tomorrow’s goal is to get power run to the garage, move more dirt back into the trench, and do a little painting. I’d also like to take the boys apple picking, and go for a walk. I’m pretty sure I can’t do all that in one day, so I’ll have to see what I can get done.

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