More Kitchen Odds and Ends

Countertop installed next to the stove. The space between the stove and the wall couldn't fit a stock cabinet and top.

As if both readers of this blog aren’t getting sick of reading about kitchen improvements. Writing about the progress in the kitchen is a good excuse for not making more progress on the kitchen. Okay, maybe not. But I’m using it.

I didn’t get started on house projects until mid-afternoon. Susanna went for a long walk with our neighbor, so I had a couple of  hours (after our walk with the dogs) to work in the kitchen. I cut a countertop for the corner out of the remnants from the main counter (specifically, the cutout from the sink was big enough to use). I had purchased a kit from the store to laminate the end of the main countertop, and the kit included two pieces of laminate, so I quickly trimmed the extra piece and ironed it onto the front of the countertop.

It took maybe 15-20 minutes to file the laminate flush with the existing surface, and a few minutes to replace the temporary piece of wood with the finished top. I caulked the top edge of all the counters as well as the bottom edge of the upper cabinets.  I milled a piece of sapele for the toe kick. I know, it feels almost wrong to use a piece of exoctic lumber for a toe kick that will get painted – but it was in the lumber pile, so costs less than picking up a piece of wood at the store. And it was almost the right size, so it was a lot less work than milling down a large piece of oak or cherry.

Tomorrow we will paint the wall over the counter, and I will install the laminate on the end of the countertop. If I have time I will run wiring to the light above the sink, and maybe replace some of the damaged floor tiles (linoleum not ceramic tile).

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