Sunday Breakfast in London

I had a nice coffee with Rebecka and Karolina this morning.  We met at the Caffé Nero pretty early (8AM).  The whole family is meeting at 9:30 to eat breakfast in the hotel.  I wanted to get up early enough to get on the proper time zone.  Karolina suggested doing an Internet free vacation.  I’m not sure I want to do that, but I’ll cut back on checking the Internet.

Rebecka asked about my job.  She asked how I felt working on something that was designed to kill people.  I said that was a good question – difficult to answer.  I have thought a lot about that, though not as much recently as I probably should.  I do accept what I do, and think it is important.  Though I really hope what I work on is never really used.  I hope for peace, but am not a pacifist.   My quick answer is that I think of it like a police officer carrying a gun.  He wants to make sure it works, and that he can shoot well.  But I’m sure most of them don’t ever want to use one for real.   Maybe that is just a superficial answer to a difficult question.

We also talked about blogging.  I think I write to give myself a record of what I do.  It is a journal for me.  I used to write  a private journal.  I can go back and find books with entries from random times in my life.  I was never consistent with my writing.  I am much more consistent with writing for my blog.  Maybe it is the public nature that make me more willing to write.  Though I mostly write it for myself – not for my two readers (thanks for reading Mom and Susanna).

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